Discover the Potential of Profile Visits for Linkedin Lead Generation and Growth’s Visit Profiles lets you automate visiting prospect profiles to increase your visibility.

  • Choose your ideal segment using the LinkedIn search engine and filters
  • Visit more LinkedIn profiles with smart automations
Visit profiles

What is the use of visiting other profiles on LinkedIn?

There are many marketing and growth hacking strategies that you can implement using’s automated Visit Profile feature.

  • Visiting profiles allows you to increase your visibility on LinkedIn
  • By the law of reciprocity, a high percentage of those profiles will visit you and discover who you are (and what you do)
  • It serves as your first contact before sending a direct message, which you can also automate with!

How does Visit Profiles from work?

Getting started with the Visit Profiles is easy. All you need to do is go to your dashboard to set what type of connections you want to make on LinkedIn. We’ll segment and automate the right visits for you.

  • Choose what type of connections you want to visit: You can skip first, second or third-degree connections, as well as skip fake or no photo profiles, and profiles that are not online.
  • Open your LinkedIn and perform a segmented search: Choose the professional profile that interests you based on the location and other advanced filters.
  • Open the extension, select the visit profile tab and hit play.
  • Note: Each visit will deduct a credit from your plan.

Do more with every profile visit on LinkedIn

Optimize your outbound campaigns by adding actions to each visit you make. You can do it by configuring Invite actions on the dashboard.

  • Attach an invitation to connect
  • Send a personalized message with each invitation
  • Send bulk messages to your first-degree contacts

How many LinkedIn profile visits can I make with my plan?

You can make as many visits as there are credits in your plan. For each visit made by, a credit will be deducted.

How do credits work?

1 credit = 1 action

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