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At Scrab.in, we’re building the next generation LinkedIn automation tool for lead generation and growth. Our work is driven by lots of love and dedication to enable you to use time-tested growth strategies to grow your business, but with a lot more ease. Because we’ll do all the hard work for you!

Scrab.in was born out of our own need to connect and prospect with professional profiles on LinkedIn. That’s why we have a single focus goal and mission to enable your business to prosper.

We are not just an automation tool on LinkedIn, but your best ally in customer prospecting, growth hacking and outbound marketing.

We have been automating LinkedIn since 2017!

We are a Spanish company that operates in various markets internationally. We have been in the market for 3 years and we have grown doing outbound with Scrab.in itself. Now we’re making our growth hack available to you.

  • Years of international market experience
  • Google Chrome approved extension
  • Trusted by 5,000+ customers across the globe
  • Steady 4.5 star rating for our performance

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If you love our tool and have fun building smart automations and discovering growth hacks to enable users to do more, send us your CV!