Get complete control on the leads you generate Upload CSV allows you to take your outbound campaigns to the next level and have maximum control of your leads. Let’s show you how!

Upload CSV

Download a CSV for each target segment

  1. Search LinkedIn for your ideal customer profile. Example: Web developers in Madrid
  2. Configure the visit or scan of that profile
  3. Download the CSV when you have visited/scanned enough profiles
  4. Save this CSV on your computer with a clear name for the segment

Upload your excel files with Upload CSV

Use your CSV files with segmented leads to carry out personalized outbound campaigns for each buyer persona. Ideal for those who manage multiple potential client profiles or provide marketing services such as agencies or freelancers.

  1. Drag and drop your CSV file
  2. Make visits, scans and send personalized messages to the contacts on your list
  3. Tailor your product promotion for each market segment

What is the use of uploading and downloading lists with Upload CSV?

Uploading and downloading your contact lists in CSV, a universal and cross-platform document type, is critical to the sales and marketing team's workflow. Imagine having to change your email list format every time you want to use a new tool!

  • Organize your leads in separate CSV files for each buyer persona
  • Ideal for companies with multiple customer profiles or for agencies that provide marketing services on LinkedIn
  • Connect Upload CSV with other tools and CMS for seamless data transfer

Get the most out of your CSVs

Here are some ideas of what you can do to get the most out of your email list CSV files

  • Send messages sharing a post of interest for each buyer persona profile
  • Boost your LinkedIn campaigns by sending a follow-up email using FindThatLead or a CRM
  • Perform A/B tests to optimize your marketing and sales campaigns

How many CSVs can I upload or download with my plan?

The upload CSV module does not consume points from your plan. It deducts credits on the visits or scans you make to add more contacts to your list.

How do credits work?

1 credit = 1 visit / scan of each lead in your CSV

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