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Meet the safest LinkedIn lead generation tool, Scrab.in!

Designed by growth hackers to answer every question about how to generate sales leads through LinkedIn. Automate smart engagement strategies to reach your prospects sooner and hit your SQLs goals faster!


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Automate Your Linkedin Lead Generation With Just One Click

Scrab.in automates all the actions of your Linkedin profile / Linkedin Sales Navigator / Linkedin Recruiter (Full & Lite) to help you growth hack lead generation without spending hours on the screen.

  • Scan and visit 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections
  • Export your leads in CSV
  • Send invitations, messages and validate skills (endorsements)
  • Generate qualified leads in an automated and segmented way
  • Visit up to 15,000 profiles per month
  • Scans up to 45,000 profiles per month
  • Delete unaccepted invitations
  • Send messages directly to groups without being connected
  • Send messages to second and third degree connections without being online
  • Auto-follow target accounts
  • Scans up to 45,000 profiles per month
  • Delete unaccepted invitations
  • Send messages directly to groups without being connected
  • Send messages to second and third graders without being online
  • Auto-follow target accounts

Exclusive extension approved by the Google Chrome Store

The most reliable tool on the market, we have the extension approved by the Google Chrome Store, 5-star reviews and more than 5,000 users who have trusted us.

Who can get amazing results on their LinkedIn lead generation efforts with Scrab.in?

Sales teams should spend more time selling and less time on documenting tasks. Scrab.in enables you to automate lead prospecting so that you can focus on talking to qualified prospects and nurturing them.

Growing your business in a competitive market is challenging. But you can overcome it with Scrab.in easily. The tool enables you to generate thousands of leads with smart automations, getting your product to customers faster. Test your performance with a qualified audience and growth hack your online visibility in no time.

Finding the right people for your team can be tough. But with Scrab.in, you will be able to reach out to qualified candidates and clients on LinkedIn easily. The tool enables you to set up an automation that reaches out to profiles that fit your target customer account persona.

With Scrab.in, you can send your resume/ CV directly to thousands of recruiters and directors or companies across the globe. Increase your profile visibility and improve professional presentation in just a few clicks. Finding a job couldn’t get any easier!

We know how difficult it can be to take your product/service to the market and get your first 100 leads. With Scrab.in, you can speed up the process of prospecting clients by setting up smart automations that help you nurture them to conversion.

Prospecting and managing leads on LinkedIn can be very overwhelming. Scrab.in enables your marketing agency or freelance business to add this emerging service to your portfolio and become more profitable in no time.

Getting people to read your content can be tough. Scrab.in makes it easy to reach people who are actually interested in your blog or product information. It helps you drive qualified traffic to your website with segmented outreach.

If you have the right questions ready, Scrab.in will enable the market research for you. The tool automates sending personalized messages to different audience segments, making you more efficient at gathering data.

Whether you want to improve your online visibility, increase your website traffic or be able to send personalized messages to promote what you do, all you need is a LinkedIn account and Scrab.in will do the rest for you.

Anyone can take advantage of Scrab.in, both for improve your online visibility, increase website traffic, send a message customized etc. You just need to create an account on LinkedIn and Scrab.in does the rest for you.

Get 200% more visits to your LinkedIn profile with automated messages, connection invites and profile visits

Setting up a LinkedIn lead generation campaign has never been easier

Scrab.in was made to make things easy. That’s why it simplifies the most time-consuming tasks you need to take up for LinkedIn lead generation, and you can set it all up in just a couple of clicks.




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Validate skills


Invite to connect

Visit and scan through your prospect profiles while sipping on a latte

Scrab.in allows you to filter out prospect accounts by letting you choose to skip first/ second/ third level connection profiles.

You can also choose to easily skip profiles that are not verified or don’t have a profile picture in place, making it easier to scan through prospects.

Earn more brownie points by validating the skills of other users

Scrab.in Endorsement takes LinkedIn lead generation and profile building to a whole new level. It allows you to validate or endorse the skill sets of other users, bringing more attention to your profile and encouraging them to do the same for you.

  • Activate or deactivate Endorsements according to your goals
  • Validate up to 30 skills per profile

Increase your Linkedin visibility and connections

With Scrab.in’s Invite Action functionality, you can send connection requests and messages to profiles that match your audience persona. You can send up to 500 invitations per day, which is 14,000 invitations per month and per account.

Build your connections and followers in no time!

The fastest way to Generate Leads on LinkedIn and Download them in CSV

The tool allows you to generate leads on LinkedIn in a very intuitive and actionable manner. It further segments these leads according to your target audience profiling.

With a couple of clicks, you can also download these leads in excel file format to store the data on your computer or use it for other marketing campaigns with detailed fields.

  • Emails
  • Names and surnames
  • Job positions
  • Business
  • Website
  • Telephone
  • LinkedIn URL
  • LinkedIn Owner
  • Company website
  • Size of the company
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Website
  • Telephone
  • LinkedIn URL
  • LinkedIn Owner
  • Company website
  • Size of the company
  • Industry
  • Location

Get the maximum functionality by uploading your CSVs to Scrab.in

Upload your CSV files to manage outbound marketing campaigns and send messages to your segmented lead lists.

  • Keep your lead lists segmented
  • Send personalized messages to each segment
  • Upload and download your CSV whenever you want

All in 1 solution for LinkedIn lead generation and profile building

Scrab.in automatically performs all the actions you need to grow on LinkedIn and make your value proposition known.

  1. Find customers
  2. Send invitations
  3. Promote your website or videos
  4. Generate leads
  5. Build a community

Never has a tool
been so simple

Get 500 visits per day and 1500 scans with a free plan. With each visit you can make invitations, messages, endorsement and much more!

How do Scrab.in actions work?

1 action = 1 visit/scan

  1. Actions are renewed every day! 🤩.
  2. Messages attached to every action won't spend extra actions! 🦀
  3. You only spend actions with every visit taken to the .csv list. Uploading it won't spend credits 📝

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We are a company with a globally recognized track record. Your data is safe with us at all times!

Monthly updates

We constantly update and improve our algorithm to always offer you the best prospecting and automation tools for LinkedIn lead generation.

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Our team of professionals is always available to give you a hand in whatever you need and equip you to succeed.

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