How to sell on LinkedIn and use to increase customers

All people who decide to start a business or work in an enterprise have a common goal: to make as many sales as possible. You may not know it yet, but selling on LinkedIn and taking advantage of the benefits it offers you., you can increase your customers in record time.

Below we will explain in detail and step by step how you can achieve it.

The first thing you should know

Define who your buyer persona is

When we have a business, it is essential to know to whom we are going to sell the product or service we offer, and depending on who we will sell it to, we will be able to define “how we will do it”.

Some say you shouldn’t sell ice to an Eskimo, while others say you can always do it, you just have to know how. When we try to define the buyer persona, we are seeking to define the ideal, perfect, dream client. That customer who would meet the ideal characteristics to be the best buyer of our product or service.

To this end, within digital marketing, this strategy is implemented through which the following will be created representations of fictitious profiles of your ideal customers to help you better define and understand your audience and plan a strategy. around what you discover about her.

Define your sales funnel or costumer journey

What is the sales funnel?

It is a graphic tool through which the sales process can be represented.

Four phases or stages can be clearly distinguished.

  • Attraction

To attract the attention of potential customers, you need to showcase your products or services. This phase begins when users discover the existence of your brand but do not yet have more information or interest in it. That is why you must make yourself noticed, expose your products or services and make them visible on the web or wherever it is necessary.

  • Interest

After capturing the prospect’s attention, it is essential that we awaken their interest in our products or services. And at this stage, users know the brand and know about the products or services you offer, it is likely that they are regular readers of the information you offer, however, they are not yet encouraged to make a purchase.

  • Desire

It is in this phase where users decide if what you offer is what they need and begin to feel that they prefer your brand to other options offered by the competition. Then you should strive to help them know the benefits of your brand so that they feel that what you offer is what will satisfy their needs and thus provoke the desire to buy.

  • Action

If we have completed the whole process correctly, we will get the user to complete the expected action, that is, to buy the product we offer. The amount of sales you obtain will serve to measure the success of the strategy.

How to sell on LinkedIn?

Do you know that LinkedIn is a gold mine? For any business looking to build professional relationships and generate sales opportunities, it should be one of the most important sales channels.

To get the most out of this platform, follow these tips:

  1. Create a strong personal and business profile: Make sure your personal and business profiles are complete and attractive. Highlight your skills, experience and achievements to make a lasting impression on your visitors.
  2. Build relationships: Don’t just sell your products or services. Instead, establish genuine relationships with your contacts on LinkedIn. Share relevant content, interact with your connections and join groups related to your industry.
  3. Create and share relevant content: Publish quality content that resonates with your prospects and demonstrates your knowledge in your industry. This will help you establish authority and attract potential customers.
  4. Use tools such as and FindThatLead: These tools will allow you to find and connect with qualified prospects who may be interested in your products or services. will help you search for and extract relevant contact information, while FindThatLead will make it easy for you to find emails from your prospects. This way you can reach them directly and create a stronger connection!
  5. Don’t be afraid to show your passion: When you share your emotions and show how passionate you are about your business, you attract people who share your values and interests. Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm for what you do! This will help you create an emotional connection with your contacts and build loyalty to your brand.
  6. Segment and focus your efforts: Identify your target audience and create specific strategies to attract that group. You can use tools such as and FindThatLead to search and filter contacts according to your niche market.
  7. Participate in groups and discussions: Join groups related to your niche and actively participate in discussions. Add value by sharing your knowledge and experience, and create meaningful connections with other professionals in your industry.
  8. Use LinkedIn ads: If you have the budget, consider using LinkedIn ads to reach a wider audience and attract new customers.

Mistakes when selling on LinkedIn

Also when selling on LinkedIn it is important to avoid these mistakes so typical of people who want to sell at all costs:

  1. Be too aggressive: Don’t send sales messages to your connections without first building a solid relationship. This can result in you being perceived as annoying and desperate to sell. Instead, focus on providing value and building authentic relationships.
  2. Do not personalize your messages: Avoid sending generic and mass messages to your connections. Take the time to personalize each message so that the recipient feels that you care about their needs and interests.
  3. Ignore your followers: Don’t pass up the opportunity to interact with your followers and connections. Respond to their comments and messages, and thank them for their support. This will allow you to build stronger relationships and generate trust in your brand.

Let’s get to work! – Automate sales with LinkedIn and

Now that you have everything clear, it is time to execute the best sales and customer acquisition strategy, this method has changed the lives of many entrepreneurs and sales closers, there is a before and an after, here we explain it to you.

1. Segment your buyer persona on LinkedIn

Now, according to the characteristics of your business, you can define one or several buyer personas, according to the characteristics of your business, you can define one or several buyer personas. We have already talked about how to segment your buyer personas on LinkedIn.

This will be very useful because by following these steps, you will be able to find relevant information about the personal, academic, work and other data of your buyer personas and you can segment them according to certain common characteristics.

After you have your buyer personas segmented, it will be time to start connecting with them taking into account all the information that the study gave you, to do so you only have to take into account the guidelines on how to automate your messages on LinkedIn with

2. Send automated outbound messages to get people into the sales funnel.

before continuing a small explanation…

What is Outbound marketing and how will it help you increase your sales?

The outbound marketing is a widely known and used strategy that generates effective results by sending messages related to a product. These are targeted directly to a specific audience through various media and information or in person.

Automate the sending of messages on Linked.In with

Now that you know which are the steps you must follow to increase your sales, you need to start putting the plan into action because the work is not going to be done on its own.

It is essential that you establish effective communication channels with your customers.One of the most effective strategies is usually based on sending messages through LinkedIn. However, there are great limitations in relation to the number of messages to send, which can be detrimental to you, causing loss of time and money.

However, all is not lost, there is a solution!

Start using y automate the sending of mass messages through LinkedIn and you will see how your sales increase in record time.

3. The best types of messages to send

Welcome messages. There is nothing more exciting than receiving a welcoming message that invites us to learn more about an enriching experience.

Ideally, it should be a visually attractive, pleasant message, where you give a warm welcome to the user, where you briefly introduce him/her to your brand and what you offer through it, maybe by means of a multimedia resource.

Also you should also take the opportunity to include your social networks and other means of contactpreferably through icons and links, to make it easier to access them.

Finally, thank that they have been encouraged to get to know you and include a call to action inviting them to continue to learn more about you. of what you have to offer. There is no one who can resist a message like this.

Messages that tell stories. Instead of bombarding the user with a flat presentation of your products and services like everyone else does, tell them stories about them but make them connect with their own emotions, tell stories about them but make them connect with their own emotions.. In this way, they will feel the need to buy what you offer.

Messages that strengthen ties. It is important to attract new customers, but it is also it is also extremely important to strengthen ties with your loyal customers. to keep them on your side. Let them know that you value their trust and that you have better things in store for them as a thank you for their loyalty.

Feedback messages. In addition to the above, it is also it is important that you show them that you are interested in knowing how their experience with your company went.and that you care about their opinion, which will be taken into account to offer you a better quality of service. This will even serve as quality control.

Return request messages. If you notice that a customer has stopped following you or hasn’t visited your pages or bought your products in a while, you can show them that you notice and miss their absence, and let them know what’s new that they’re missing. In addition, you can offer an incentive to encourage him to return.

Order or purchase confirmation messages. You can take advantage of sending order or purchase confirmation messages to let them know that their order is in process and that you thank them for choosing your brand. In addition, you invite them to learn more about your products and services.

It is important that InMails on LinkedIn are personalized and clear.

Increase your sales in record time with!

Now that you know all the secrets of marketing alchemy, what are you waiting for to turn lead into gold?

Here we have given you practically all the tools and tips you need to increase your sales on LinkedIn in an accelerated way. You won’t believe the spectacular results you’ll get!

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