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Proven tips to increase your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn

As a curiosity… Did you know that LinkedIn has its own tool whose function is none other than to measure and improve your performance on the platform in terms of sales?

If you are looking to measure the ability of your LinkedIn profile to increase sales and attract customers you need to know about this tool.

SSI LinkedIn(Social Selling Index) Sound familiar?

Read on, in this post you will learn what it is, how to improve it and how it can help you with your LinkedIn goals.

So… Shall we begin?

What is LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI)?

LinkedIn’s SSI is a metric developed by LinkedIn that evaluates how effective your profile is in using the platform for sales and business purposes.

It is like a thermometer that measures your profile’s ability to use the platform to generate sales.

SSI is calculated taking into account four key components:

  1. Establishing your professional brand: How well have you built and maintained your profile? Does it reflect your experience and expertise effectively?
  2. Finding the right people: Do you use LinkedIn’s search and connection tools to identify and connect with relevant prospects?
  3. Participation with insights and knowledge: Do you share and discuss valuable content that demonstrates your expertise and helps your network?
  4. Relationship building: How active are you in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with your connections and prospects?

The SSI is updated daily and is presented as a score between 1 and 100.

The higher your SSI, the more optimized your profile is to achieve sales targets.

How to view my LinkedIn SSI?

Before improving, you need to know where you are, where you are starting from.

Nothing, it’s ultra simple, here are the steps:

  1. Click here to see your SSI.
  2. Click on “Get my free score”.

And voilà, you will have access to your score, which is updated daily.

This is mine:

A score above 70 means you are within the top of all social sellers on LinkedIn, a sales leader.

Según las estadísticas propias de LinkedIn, estos perfiles obtienen unos resultados bastante deseables:

But don’t worry, an SSI between 30 and 70 is a correct index and means you are on the right track.

How to increase my LinkedIn SSI?

As it is updated daily, it is easy to alter the LinkedIn SSI, but first we need to focus on improving the four components that add up to the score.

How? Here it is:

Establish your professional brand

The first of the pillars and probably the basis for the others.

It’s about working on your professional brand on LinkedIn by building a sales-optimized profile.

Think of this part as working on the image of a local business or an ecommerce website.

Focus on improving your descriptions, your images, your title, your resume

Find the right people

First of all I have to state a fact: Quality before quantity.

Connect with people in your sector, references, competitors, allies, suppliers…

Don’t accept just any spammer, of course, but keep a connection routine and clean up your profile.

The best technique is to do it through, I tell you how:

Register at and log in from the Google Chrome extension.

  • Click on Dashboard and a window with the settings will open.
linkedin sales ssi

2. Activate these options:

Skip if profile is out of network: sk ips connections that are not connected

Invite people to connect: Send an invitation to connect with profiles that are second or third degree.

Visit profiles with

  • Login to your Linkedin
  • Select the profile you are interested in prospecting:

For example: marketing manager in Spain.

You must fill in the field in the search box with the profile “marketing director”, click on “people” and then in “locations” select Spain.

  • Select the option “second level contacts”.
  • Click on the extension and hit the play that is inside the tab “visit profile”.
  • Let it run for one or two weeks, i.e., you should keep your computer on and not close the Google Chrome window during your workday.

Participate with insights and knowledge

This is LinkedIn’s business model, if you generate value for the platform, LinkedIn will reward you How? with visibility.

Being active on the platform is what LinkedIn is interested in, create publications, comment on others, share information about your sector…

And not just LinkedIn, you’ ll probably inspire someone in your network.

Surely you’ve thought more than once about uploading something to LinkedIn Isn’t this signal enough?

Builds relationships

Sales are the result of professional relationships, at least in the B2B world, but it is no longer enough to build relationships, it is also necessary to maintain them.

Get followers, converse with your network, remember that LinkedIn takes this into account.

Why is it important to improve your LinkedIn SSI?

Besides boosting your self-esteem, improving your SSI can also open doors and bring you benefits in the business world.

Here are some reasons why you should get serious about improving your SSI:

  1. You gain trust and respect: When you have a high SSI, you show that you have worked hard to build a strong brand and share interesting insights. This makes you someone people trust and respect in your field.
  2. You become more visible: By working on your SSI, you optimize your profile and share useful content more frequently. This causes you to appear in more searches and your posts to reach more people.
  3. You create opportunities for yourself: If your SSI is high, it means you know how to use LinkedIn to connect with the right people. As your network grows and interactions become more meaningful, so do the possibilities of discovering new business opportunities, sales or collaborations.
  4. You build lasting relationships: If you focus on improving your SSI, you will be investing time and effort in establishing real connections with other users.

Tips to improve your LinkedIn SSI

And if you want to cut to the chase and optimize the optimized, here are some of the key tips that have worked best for our team

Use relevant keywords

Be sure to include relevant keywords in your LinkedIn profile, especially in the headline, description and experience section.

Remember, they have to be keywords that make sense with your industry and what you offer, this is key when doing SEO on LinkedIn.

Publish quality content

Add value! Shall I tell you a super-hack? You can use ChatGPT’s integration with to automatically and custom comment on posts you choose within parameters.

Very powerful, in the team we have achieved +600 visits to a single profile in a single day.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Your profile is the first impression people have of you on LinkedIn, so make sure it is complete and up-to-date.

Include a clear and professional profile picture, not the one from Instagram, complete your work and educational experiences and also take the opportunity to attach images there.

Conclusion: Increase your sales with a high SSI on LinkedIn.

If you improve your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn, you will not only increase your sales opportunities and get more clients, but you will also position yourself as an expert in your field, and that’s what we want.

Have you checked yours yet? Why not take the first step to improve it today? Dale, you can share valuable information to your network. Like this post, for example. 🙄

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