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How to search for candidates on LinkedIn thanks to

Your team is your most valuable asset! It might sound like a trite and romantic phrase, but it is true. In this sense, will allow you to analyze, evaluate and search for employees on LinkedIn for your organization.

How to do it? It’s simple, here we explain it to you.

Why is LinkedIn the ideal platform for finding talented employees?

Failure to understand the importance of the selection phase, sooner rather than later, could cost you dearly.

It could lead to losses due to issues inherent to the productivity of your company or enterprise.

The risks would be greater if you are just starting out, since you would be in a stage of building the concept and the operability of your organization. In this phase, having a team with a broad vision and highly qualified to face crises and build on “nothing” is decisive.

Incorporating “anyone” into your team to get out of the way would imply, among many other things, an unguaranteed investment in their learning curve, low quality productions, time extension and even negligence.

Now we give you a series of tips that will help you in your task of finding employees on LinkedIn that fit your company:

Create an attractive company profile.

An attractive company profile is essential to attract the best talent.

On LinkedIn, you can create a complete and detailed profile of your company, including information about corporate culture, employee benefits and growth opportunities.

It is also important to publish relevant and engaging content to keep potential employees interested in your company.

Make the most of LinkedIn’s advanced search to find ideal candidates.

LinkedIn’s advanced search is a powerful tool for finding ideal candidates.

You can use search filters to find candidates with specific skills and experience, as well as to limit your search to certain geographic locations.

In addition, LinkedIn allows you to save your searches and receive alerts when new candidates matching your criteria appear.

The importance of referrals and connections in employee search.

Recommendations and connections are important in the search for employees. Recommendations can be a deciding factor in choosing a candidate, and connections can help you find candidates through your network.

That’s why it’s important to keep your network updated and connect with relevant professionals in your industry.


To find the best talent, it is important to expand your network on LinkedIn.

You can do this by joining relevant groups, participating in conversations and connecting with professionals in your industry.

The larger your network, the easier it will be to find talented and qualified candidates.

How useful is in the recruitment process? is a tool that automates processes that could normally be tedious and fruitless. Consequently, it will allow you to optimize the work of selection and recruitment in your company.

Certainly, LinkedIn is a very rich database. The diversity is enormous and it is also true that you could easily get lost in this sea of information. You need a guide to find what you are looking for, and is it.

That’s where the main advantages of come in. This tool is installed as a plug-in to your browser and gives you a mega added value to your LinkedIn search. You will no longer have to review each potential candidate one by one among a pile of previous offers, but you will be able to categorize them according to the parameters you think are useful.

Let’s say you are looking for a person who has experience in the field of meat cutting, but also has experience in dealing with the public. With you will be able to select the people you think best fit the technical profile but who also know how to deal well with other people when offering the service..

Additionally, you will be able to contact them through LinkedIn InMail messages.

Conventionally, LinkedIn behaves as a database of professionals, but the results would have to be analyzed one by one.

Would you really have the time to do it?? You should review and evaluate each potential candidate and verify that they have the level of preparation, experience and prospective profile you are looking for. With luck, you might be able to get it near your location.

Undoubtedly, “your person” is there, but, humanly, it is difficult to find it without help.

In business, time is money, you can’t waste it just like that. So don’t think twice and download now.

Advantages of using LinkedIn + in the selection and recruiting process

  1. It allows you to create a profile of your company, share your mission and vision so that people can show interest.
  2. You will be able to find the prospects you are looking for, among a lot of options that exist within LinkedIn. The best thing is that you will be able to make a comparative analysis of candidates with similar profiles.
  3. You can learn valuable information, interests and motivations of each candidate that could escape from their resume synthesis.
  4. You will be able to contact them through mass messages, showing interest in getting to know them better.
  5. You will be able to manage and segment the search, comparing candidates with similar profiles.
  6. Create and manage business profiles from personal pages.

In this case, the concept we handle about the user is extrapolated to a target focused on a job profile, so it could be called employer.

This is what you should pay attention to, beyond the details of technical preparation.

How to use for recruitment on LinkedIn?

Magnify Tv Land GIF by #Impastor - Find & Share on GIPHY

Step 1: Download, register and enter ⬇️✅

To access the “little crab” tool, use this link to access it directly and securely.

It will show you the download screen. To proceed, click on the download button in the back right corner. Once you register, the information will be saved.

Step 2: Enter the Connect and Invite interface

Enter your dashboard. You will be able to review, from left to right, your records, the option to upload your resume summary, manage your profile, scan your visits and act with messages to connect or invite.

To learn more about message automation mechanisms visit the article “Automating messages on LinkedIn”.

Step 3: Compose and send a personalized message to connect

In the “Invite action” section enable the “Message on Invitation” bar, which will turn green.

Step 4: Segment and search ✏️

The tool will allow you to filter according to several parametersThe tool will allow you to filter by several parameters: position type, country and location, and specific company names.

You will just have to wait a little while for it to return a number of matches and an attached list according to your request.

With this action, people who are interested will reply to your message and will become your friends in the network (they will pass to the first level).

Step 5: Review and contact those who may be interested.

Once you have the responses from interested persons, it is advisable to make a more exhaustive review of these candidates.

Those that look good to you, you can send a send them a call message. The procedure is almost the same, except that they would be first level users (known people).

To do this, go to the dashboard and enable the “Send direct message every The “Search” button at the bottom right, near the bottom of the page. You will know it has been enabled because it will change to green.

This message could have a date for an interview, request more information, your portfolio or inquire about your tastes. You decide what you want to put.

How to choose the LinkedIn profiles to recruit?

You should consider that some people may be interested, to a greater or lesser extent, in the vacancies, even if their profile expresses otherwise.

That’s why we’ll give you a few tricks for you to learn to read between the lines and prioritize the options from which you could receive a response and productive consideration more in line with what you are looking for.

So let’s start with the profiles that you should not consider

Insecure candidate ♂️♀️

✖️ Applies to several companies. So you can see that his profile is quite open and he has generated applications for several organizations without very clear criteria.

✖️ They have a current stability. They are trying to expand their work area to other organizations or take advantage of free time in their schedules.

✖️ They have several job offerseither because they are quite professionally prepared or work in an unusual area. In this case, you should analyze the shades of gray. Evaluate by balancing what you would have to invest to get a worker with these competencies against what it would generate for your organization.

✖️ They do not update their profile frequently. This implies that they are at the peak of their preparation or expectation. Or, they have simply stopped using their profile and you would have a delayed response.

Prioritizes employer person

✔️ They update their professional information frequently, with recent movements and demonstrate the ability to integrate their technical knowledge, expectations and professional experience.

✔️ Show you know what your company is about and that can make a difference. The fact that they write you a personalized message is a positive point in their favor.

✔️ They have no problem in publicly demonstrating that they put their full capacity their full capacity to work with you without skimping on effort or time.

✔️ No current stability. Not that you are a freeloader, but people who are comfortable in another company or with another activity will not always give you their greatest potential right off the bat. Therefore, you should also analyze these cases separately.

How to make the most of in the recruitment process?

Keep your company’s information updated, with positive and attractive information. It is a fairly mature network that really works, strengthened by its international presence in more than 200 countries and + 300 M users, so it is not good to launch content lightly.

Therefore, if you start up, do it with “all the rules and regulations”. It does not have to be an extensive profile, but rather a profile with clear ideas, with punctual”, “zero-roll”, “zero-roll”, “zero-roll”, “zero-roll” and and that it can be deepened by entering specific sites to get to the Call to Action (CTA).

A call to action, which in this case would be to apply for employment, can be achieved by setting up a button, a link, an image, a text box that leads to the decision to join your organization. That is to say, don’t make it so difficult your people to feel included in your structure.

⚙️ When posting information, alternate vacancy data with valuable information about your organization. People who apply for your job vacancies or service requests will want to know how you are doing in order to make a decision. Obviously, no employer will ask you directly if you’re a good fit, but it’s clear that they will do some research before applying with you.

Performs a good segmented search using filters for job types, location and other parameters elements

It is good to add a little about your story (“About us”).

Join other groups that are similar to what you do. The advantage of this network is to interact with peers and peer organizations to keep you updated on market movements, people’s interests and what others are offering their candidates.

Don’t hate your competition, keep them close to you

By interacting with other organizations, the collaborative potential of the network is exploited. It may happen that other organizations recommend you specific people according to the profile you are looking for.

Final thoughts on how to find the best candidates on LinkedIn.

To find the best candidates on LinkedIn, it is important to optimize your profile and presence on the platform, use advanced search filters, search in relevant groups, publish quality content, use LinkedIn ads and take advantage of recommendations from your contacts.

In addition, you can take advantage of tools such as Scrab.ina LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to save time by automate repetitive tasks such as connecting with potential candidates and sending personalized messages. With these strategies and tools, you’ll be better equipped to find employees on LinkedIn who are a good fit for your company.

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